Test Cover Image of:  Hunting without Weapons

Hunting without Weapons

On the Pursuit of Images

Edited by: Maurice Saß
Hunters’ techniques, customs and myths are representative of cultural practices and life spheres. The cultural and historical significance of the hunt lies not in the hunt itself, but rather in the power of its resulting images. Pictorial evidence, beginning with the famous cave paintings in Altamira, suggests that man represents himself as natural hunter and gatherer. Many others bear witness to the hunter’s mythic strength, like the hunting gods of Olympus – Diana, Apollo and Hercules. This book explores modern images of the hunt, determines their archeology and explains their places, functions and strengths. It shows clearly how exactly the hunt, its narrative and associated actions, continue to fascinate and function as emblems of broader cultural ideals.
First metaphorology of hunting images From paleolithic hunting magic to contemporary art Multi-perspective approach: Anthropology, Art history, Film studies, History of science, Semiotics

Author Information

Maurice Saß, University of Hamburg.


Audience: Academics (science of art, film studies, anthropology, history of science)