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Acquiring Cultures

Histories of World Art on Western Markets

Edited by: Bénédicte Savoy, Charlotte Guichard and Christine Howald

As more parts of the world outside Europe became accessible =– and in the wake of social and technological developments in the 18th century – a growing number of exotic artefacts entered European markets. The markets for such objects thrived, while a collecting culture and museums emerged.

This book provides insights into the methods and places of exchange, networks, prices, expertise, and valuation concepts, as well as the transfer and transport of these artefacts over 300 years and across four continents. The contributions are from international experts, including Ting Chang, Nélia Dias, Noëmie Etienne, Jonathan Fine, Philip Jones, Sylvester Okwunodu Ogbechie, Léa Saint-Raymond, and Masako Yamamoto.

Author Information

Bénédicte Savoy, TU Berlin and Collège de France, Paris;

Charlotte Guichard, CNRS, IHMC, Paris;

Christine Howald, TU Berlin


"In dem neuen, von Savoy mitherausgegebenen Band "Acquiring Cultures" berichten Wissenschaftler*innen packend von 200 Jahren Handel mit Kulturgut, an dem sich auch Einheimische beteiligten. Zugleich demonstrieren die Autor*innen, dass Wissen über Provenienz kompakt zusammenkommen kann, wenn man nur will." Claudia Wahjudi, ZITTY 3-2019, S. 66

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Audience: Provenance researcher, academics (art history, museology, ethnology, hIstory, cultural history)