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Characterization of Biological Membranes

Structure and Dynamics

Series: De Gruyter STEM
Edited by: Mu-Ping Nieh, Frederick A. Heberle and John Katsaras
With contributions of: Charles Bowerman, José Carlos Bozelli Junior, Michael F. Brown, Paul D. Butler, Chun Chan, Xiaolin Cheng, Yevhen Cherniavskyi, Eugene Cheung, Corryn E. Chini, Andrew F. Craig, Carole Dabney-Smith, James H. Davis, Rumiana Dimova, Mitchell DiPasquale, Rebecca Eells, Richard M. Epand, Alessandro Fisher, Kilian Frank, Brittney L. Gorman, Thad A. Harroun, Frank Heinrich, David P. Hoogerheide, Elizabeth G. Kelly, Paul A. Kienzle, Volker Kiessling, Karlo Komorowski, Dominik Konkolewicz, Mary Kraft, Norbert Kučerka, Ying Li, Erwin London, Gary A. Lorigan, Mathias Lösche, Charles F. Majkrzak, Drew Marquardt, Michihiro Nagao, Michael H.L. Nguyen, Jonathan Nickels, Laura Poloni, Indra D. Sahu, Tim Salditt, Michael Schick, Miranda Schmidt, Zhingiang Shen, Jan Steinkühler, Lukas K. Tamm, Peter Tieleman, Daniela Uhríková, Amy Won, Yan Xia, Huilin Ye, Ashley N. Yeager and Christopher M. Yip
The study of membranes has become of high importance in the fields of biology, pharmaceutical chemistry and medicine, since much of what happens in a cell or in a virus involves biological membranes. The current book is an excellent introduction to the area, which explains how modern analytical methods can be applied to study biological membranes and membrane proteins and the bioprocesses they are involved to.
  • Provides a fundamental framework for understanding of structure and dynamics of biological membranes.
  • Explains how modern instrumental methods can be used to study biological membranes.
  • Supplied with numerous illustrations and examples.

Author Information

Prof. Dr. John Katsaras, Joint Faculty Professor of Physics, University of Tennessee. Oak Ridge, USA.
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Audience: Students, Biochemists, Analytical Chemists, Organic Chemists, researchers who work with biological membranes.