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Structures innovantes en bois
Complex Wood Construction: New Support Structures and Freeform Building

Conception architecturale et dimensionnement numérique

Edited by: Yves Weinand

Discovering the unused potential of wood

Wood is usually perceived as a traditional material. However, its properties make it possible to design complex origami-, ribbed-, and fabric structures. The wood laboratory of the EPF Lausanne is testing the research results in prototypes, which demonstrate the potential applications in large-scale timber buildings. By exploring the unused potential of wood, this book provides an inspiring outlook on a new generation of timber buildings.

Les propriétés matérielles du bois permettent de concevoir des formes libres et des structures éminemment complexes.

En recourant à des méthodes de calcul informatisées, I'IBOIS de I'EPFL, expérimente la fabrication de structures en origami, de coques nervurées, de structures tressées et de panneaux courbes. Les résultats sont testés sur des prototypes afin d'en illustrer les possibilités d'application pour des constructions à grande échelle.

  • Presents recent research findings from the ETH Lausanne wood construction laboratory
  • Showcases prototypes developed by an interdisciplinary team of structural engineers, architects, mathematicians, and IT specialists

Author Information

Prof. Yves Weinand, architect, structural engineer and Head of the IBOIS wood construction laboratory at the EPFL.

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Audience: Architects, structural engineers, materials engineers, students of these disciplines