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The Radon Transform

The First 100 Years and Beyond

Edited by: Ronny Ramlau and Otmar Scherzer
In 1917, Johann Radon published his fundamental work, where he introduced what is now called the Radon transform. Including important contributions by several experts, this book reports on ground-breaking developments related to the Radon transform throughout these years, and also discusses novel mathematical research topics and applications for the next century.
An overview of the theory and applications of the Radon transform Includes contributions by world-leading experts Of interest to a variety of applied mathematicians working in inverse problems, imaging, numerical analysis, etc.

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Ronny Ramlau, Johannes Kepler U. Linz and Johann Radon Inst., Austria; Otmar Scherzer, U. of Vienna and Johann Radon Inst., Austria.
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Audience: Reseachers and graduate students in applied mathematics.