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Electrochemical Energy Systems

Foundations, Energy Storage and Conversion

Series: De Gruyter STEM

This book is for anyone interested in renewable energy for a sustainable future of mankind. Batteries, fuel cells, capacitors, electrolyzers and solar cells are explained at the molecular level and at the power plant level, in their historical development, in their economical and political impact, and social change. Cases from geophysics and astronomy show that electrochemistry is not confined to the small scale. Examples are shown and exercised.

  • Adresses operation principles, production, recycling.

  • Covers electromobility, residential systems, biological systems, and biomass, fossil fuels and nuclear fusion.

  • Includes maritime, aerospace and automotive applications.

Author Information

Dr. Artur Braun, Empa, Dübendorf, Switzerland.


"Dieses Buch ist informativ für alle, die an den Problemen erneuerbarer Energie für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung der Menschheit interessiert sind, besonders eignet es sich für Studenten aller Fachrichtungen."
In: Galvanotechnik 9 (2019), 2-3

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Audience: Students and researchers in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Electrical Engineering.