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Was ist theologische Ethik?
What is Theological Ethics? Basic Premises and Fundamental Principles

Grundbestimmungen und Grundvorstellungen

Edited by: Michael Roth and Marcus Held

There’s no denying that ethics is a hot topic of study. But actually, what is ethics? What does ethics do? And how is ethics connected to morality? What constitutes “theological” ethics? And to what extent does religion shape ethics and its claims and justifications? The textbook offers an overview of the status of theological ethics today and of future trends, along with some “different” perspectives on the entire field of theological ethics.

  • Überblick über aktuelle Trends der Forschung
  • Multiperspektivität durch Autorenteam
  • Einführung in die Grundlagen der Diskussion
  • Verortung im Fächerkanon der Theologie und im Gegenüber zur allgemeinen Ethik

Author Information

Marcus Held und Michael Roth, University of Mainz, Germany.

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Audience: Studenten, Professoren und Dozenten der Theologie und Philosophie, Institute und Bibliotheken