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Band 2 Der Gegenstand der Erkenntnis
The Object of Knowledge: Historical-Critical Edition. Part 1: 2nd Edition (1904). 1st Edition with Editorial Apparatus. Part 2: 6th Edition (1928). 3rd and 4th/5th Edition with Editorial Apparatus

Historisch-kritische Ausgabe. Teil 1: 2. Auflage (1904). 1. Auflage durch editorischen Apparat. Teil 2: 6. Auflage (1928). 3. und 4./5. Auflage durch editorischen Apparat

Edited by: Rainer A. Bast
Commentary: Rainer A. Bast
Heinrich Rickert’s The Object of Knowledge is one of the most important – albeit controversial – epistemological works of its time, having received praise from figures including William James, who spoke of it with the “greatest admiration.” This two-volume historical-critical study presents all the previous editions of Rickert’s work, along with a wealth of informative material.
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