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The Urban Microclimate as Artifact

Towards an Architectural Theory of Thermal Diversity

Climate change – in the cities
Urban microclimates cannot be explained solely on the basis of scientific phenomena, but are also affected materially and spatially by the city’s local architecture. The layout, design, and facade construction of buildings have a major impact on wind and temperature conditions. For this reason, architecture and urban design that have an effect on microclimates must be investigated in their social and cultural contexts. The publication uses international case studies to explain these relationships. The focus is on manifestations of urban microclimates in an architectural and urban design context. The places investigated are located in France, Italy, the USA, New Zealand, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Burkina Faso.
Comparative insights into urban climate phenomena Findings from a symposium at Mendrisio University With contributions from Francis Kéré and Philippe Rahm amongst others

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Prof. Sascha Roesler, Accademia di architettura in Mendrisio Madlen Kobi, Accademia di architettura in Mendrisio
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Audience: Architekten, Städteplaner, Sozialwissenschaftler, Meteorologen, Studenten, allgemein interessiertes Publikum