Test Cover Image of:  Politische Grenzen – Sprachliche Grenzen?

Politische Grenzen – Sprachliche Grenzen?
Are Political Boundaries Language Boundaries? Dialectological and Perceptual Dialectological Perspectives in the German-Speaking Area

Dialektgeographische und wahrnehmungsdialektologische Perspektiven im deutschsprachigen Raum

Edited by: Nicole Palliwoda, Verena Sauer,  and Stephanie Sauermilch
Dialectology studies boundaries and isoglosses along with the demarcation between dialects. Here, natural and legal boundaries each play a part. The volume combines several strands of research on the theme “Language and Boundaries.” It focuses especially on four thematic areas: dialect geography, language dynamics, language contact, and multilingualism, along with perceptual dialectology.

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Nicole Palliwoda, University of Siegen; Verena Sauer, University of Kiel; Stephanie Sauermilch, University of Münster.
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Audience: Scholars with research interest in sociolinguistics and dialectology