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Porous City

From Metaphor to Urban Agenda

Edited by: Sophie Wolfrum

Some time ago, Walter Benjamin and Asja Lacis used the term "porosity" with reference to Naples’ urban characteristics – spaces merging into each other and providing the backdrop for the unforeseen – improvisation as a way of life.

Today, the term "porosity" in this context is increasingly used conceptually.

Well-known authors from the worlds of architecture, town planning, and landscape design embark on a search for new concepts for a life-enhancing, user-friendly city – with reference to this enigmatic term.

The term refers to the overlaying and interweaving of spaces and structures, to urban textures and their architectural properties and qualities – to cities with radically mixed urban functions.

  • Publication for a conference on a fundamental urbanistic subject
  • 60 well-known authors
  • An important contribution to the current European debate on urban design

Author Information

Sophie Wolfrum is Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Munich.

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Audience: Stadtplaner, Architekten, Studenten