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Ceaușescus Polizei
Ceaușescu’s Police: Domination, Peace, and Order in Romania (1960–1989)

Herrschaft, Ruhe und Ordnung in Rumänien (1960–1989)

The officially transmitted picture of the People’s Police in socialist Romania differs starkly from the conceptual view of its citizens. Individual “law-enforcers” were unprepared for the crumbling of their status, while the People’s Police as a whole could not come up with measures to stem this profound disenchantment. This affected the perception of the political regime as a whole and contributed to its gradual collapse in the 1980s.

Author Information

Ciprian Cirniala, Research Associate, ZZF, Potsdam, Germany.


"[..] [eine] aufschlußreiche und informative Arbeit, die fraglos ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Totalitarismusforschung ist."Klaus Steinke in: Informationsmittel (IFB) 27/1 (2019), http://informationsmittel-fuer-bibliotheken.de/showfile.php?id=9544
Audience: Institutions and Researchers with a focus on South East European History