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Entangled East and West

Cultural Diplomacy and Artistic Interaction during the Cold War

Edited by: Simo Mikkonen, Giles Scott-Smith and Jari Parkkinen
Despite increasing scholarship on the cultural Cold War, focus has been persistently been fixed on superpowers and their actions, missing the important role played by individuals and organizations all over Europe during the Cold War years.This volume focuses on cultural diplomacy and artistic interaction between Eastern and Western Europe after 1945. It aims at providing an essentially European point of view on the cultural Cold War, providing fresh insight into little known connections and cooperation in different artistic fields. Chapters of the volume address photography and architecture, popular as well as classical music, theatre and film, and fine arts. By examining different actors ranging from individuals to organizations such as universities, the volume brings new perspective on the mechanisms and workings of the cultural Cold War. Finally, the volume estimates the pertinence of the Cold War and its influence in post-1991 world.The volume offers an overview on the role culture played in international politics, as well as its role in the Cold War more generally, through interesting examples and case studies.

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Simo Mikkonen, University of Jyväskyä; Giles Scott-Smith, Leiden University; Jari Parkkinen, University of Jyväskylä
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Audience: historians, art historians, musicologists, Cold War studies scholars, cultural diplomacy scholars