Test Cover Image of:  Mauerschau - Die DDR als Film

Mauerschau - Die DDR als Film
Wall Shows – The GDR as Film

Beiträge zur Historisierung eines verschwundenen Staates

Edited by: Dominik Orth and Heinz-Peter Preußer

Future generations might remember the GDR, that vanished state, primarily through film. Be it love and everyday life, the Stasi and the construction and eventual fall of the Wall, reunification and Ostalgie: dramas, comedies, experimental forms, documentary films, and TV series allow us to peek over the wall long after its destruction. The contributions to this volume examine these varied images of the GDR through illuminating case studies.

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Audience: Filmwissenschaftler, Medienwissenschaftler, Germanisten, Kulturwissenschaftler