Test Cover Image of:  Das frühe Christentum im kilikisch-isaurischen Bergland

Das frühe Christentum im kilikisch-isaurischen Bergland
Early Christianity in the Mountains of Cilicia and Isauria: The First Christians in the Kalykadnos Valley and Adjacent Areas in the First Five Centuries

Die Christen der Kalykadnos-Region in den ersten fünf Jahrhunderten

This study investigates traces of early Christianity in the mountains of Cilicia and Isauria. In this approach, the literary, epigraphic, and archeological evidence today is taken into account to illuminate on the Christianization process in the region of the Kalykadnos Valley. Local and regional martyr cults are particularly brought into focus.

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Philipp Pilhofer, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany.


"Pilhofer geht es um eine "Erschließung, Sichtung und Systematisierung der Quellen" zu seinem Gegenstand - was ihm blendend gelungen ist: sein Buch ist getragen von einer intimen Kenntnis des Landes, der Inschriften und der übrigen literarischen Überlieferung - es ist eine ganzheitliche, altertumswissenschaftliche Arbeit im besten Sinne des Wortes."
Walter Ameling in: sehepunkte 20 (15.03.2020), http://www.sehepunkte.de/2020/03/31933.html

"All in all, Pilhofer has published an excellent book, setting a milestone for further work on early Christianity in Asia Minor. He shows how to write history on a region that does not offer a leading narrative. He has an ability to elicit historical information from evidence that does not, at first sight, seem to have a voice, and this in a region so difficult to survey. Reviewing such a book is real pleasure. We look forward to the new edition of Conon's Vita, which Pilhofer announces will appear subsequently."
Ulrich Huttner in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2019.04.42

"verall, P. is tobe commended for his original historical reconstruction of early Christianity in the Kalykadnos region, the very first of its kind tobe published. His critical analysis of the primary evidence is comprehensive and compelling, his knowledge of the local topography is impressively amte, and his historiographical skills are surprisingly sharp (for a young scholar), whilst remaining sensitive to methodological issues. The end result is a well-structured and balanced study that is finely written, carefully edited, and illustrated throughout with relevant original texts, photographs, and useful maps - a critical edition of the martyrdom of Konon ofBidana will appear later in a separate publication. [...] Until more extensive and systematic archaeological explorations are undertaken, it is likely to remain the reference work on the topic."
Julien M. Ogereau in: Theologische Literaturzeitung 144.9 (2019), 918-920

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Audience: Wissenschaftler der Gebiete Theologie (Kirchengeschichte), Alte Geschichte, Historische Geographie, Epigraphik