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Band 7 1673-1676
1673-1676: Constructio aequationum, Méthode de l‘universalité, Curves

Constructio aequationum, Méthode de l‘universalité, Kurven

Edited by: Uwe Mayer, Siegmund Probst,  and Achim Trunk
In collaboration with: Regina Stuber
Topics are methods for the geometric construction of equations (constructio aequationum), conic sections, coordinate transformations, special curves. Leibniz developed a general approach with systems of ambiguous signs (méthode de l'université). The texts, including excerpts from Pascal's manuscripts and notes of conversations with Ozanam, Roberval and Tschirnhaus, have so far mostly been unpublished.
Audience: Wissenschaftler/-innen, Bibliotheken, Insititute