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raum & designstragegien / space & designstrategies

Edited by: Elsa Prochazka
Elegance and Restraint
In 4 decades, Elsa Prochazka completed a range of projects of varying sizes: from furniture design through Architecture to urban design projects. If there was a Vienna school of superior contemporary interior design, Elsa Prochazka would be a prototypical representative: Her "interiors seem to invite tactile participation, demanding the involvement of the body as an agent of the mind" (Otto Kapfinger). This quote could stand equally for her buildings. Prochazka developed and disseminates her conceptional approach within the framework of her professorships and her international lecturing activities. The book closes the gap in the documentation of significant female Viennese architects.
First comprehensive publication by this important Viennese architect Designs in all dimensions: from lectern to urban quarter, documented in plans and photos Texts by Marlene Streeruwitz, VALIE EXPORT, Cino Zucchi

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Elsa Prochazka, Architect, Vienna


"Das Buch schließt eine Lücke in der Dokumentation prägender Wiener Architektinnen."In: nextroom (22.01.2019), https://www.nextroom.at/publication.php?id=23270, [Abruf: 09.08.2019]
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