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Handbook of American Romanticsm

Edited by: Philipp Löffler, Clemens Spahr,  and Jan Stievermann

The Handbook of American Romanticism presents a comprehensive survey of the various schools, authors, and works that constituted antebellum literature in the United States. The volume is designed to feature a selection of representative case studies and to assess them within two complementary frameworks: the most relevant historical, political, and institutional contexts of the antebellum decades and the consequent (re-)appropriations of the Romantic period by academic literary criticism in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

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Clemens Spahr, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz; Philipp Löffler and Jan Stievermann, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

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Audience: Academics (Anglophone Literary and Cultural Studies), Students (BA, MA and PhD level), Libraries, Institutes