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Literacy in Ancient Everyday Life

Edited by: Anne Kolb
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This volume explores the significance of literacy for everyday life in the ancient world. It focuses on the use of writing and written materials, the circumstances of their use, and different types of users. The broad geographic and chronologic frame of reference includes many kinds of written materials, from Pharaonic Egypt and ancient China through the early middle ages, yet a focus is placed on the Roman Empire.

Author Information

Anne Kolb, University of Zurich.


"[...] it must be said that no library with claims to aserious interest in literacy can afford to be without it. [...] Anne Kolb has done an absolutely first-rate job in editing and presenting the contents; de Gruyter have matched her excellence with a handsome, well-designed book. Both deserve our warm thanks.
John Muir in: Classics For All (09.01.2019), https://classicsforall.org.uk/book-reviews/literacy-in-ancient-everyday-life/

"[an] exciting volume [...]"
Minna Skafte Jensen in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2019.04.45

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Audience: Historiker, Philologen, Epigraphiker, Papyrologen, Sprachwissenschaftler, Archäologen, Kulturwissenschaftler