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Wisdom Poured Out Like Water

Studies on Jewish and Christian Antiquity in Honor of Gabriele Boccaccini

Edited by: J. Harold Ellens, Isaac W. Oliver, Jason von Ehrenkrook, James Waddell and Jason M. Zurawski

This collection presents innovative research by scholars from across the globe in celebration of Gabriele Boccaccini’s sixtieth birthday and to honor his contribution to the study of early Judaism and Christianity. In harmony with Boccaccini’s determination to promote the study of Second Temple Judaism in its own right, this volume includes studies on various issues raised in early Jewish apocalyptic literature (e.g., 1 Enoch, 2 Baruch, 4 Ezra), the Dead Sea Scrolls, and other early Jewish texts, from Tobit to Ben Sira to Philo and beyond. The volume also provides several investigations on early Christianity in intimate conversation with its Jewish sources, consistent with Boccaccini’s efforts to transcend confessional and disciplinary divisions by situating the origins of Christianity firmly within Second Temple Judaism. Finally, the volume includes essays that look at Jewish-Christian relations in the centuries following the Second Temple period, a harvest of Boccaccini’s labor to rethink the relationship between Judaism and Christianity in light of their shared yet contested heritage.

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J. H. Ellens, University of Michigan, I. W. Oliver, Bradley University, J. von Ehrenkrook, University of Massachusetts, et. al.
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Audience: Scholars of Biblical studies, early Judaism, early Christianity, Jewish-Christian relations