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Terrakotten aus Pergamon
Terracottas from Pergamon: Clay Figures and Objects from the Residential Town on the Southern Slope of the Acropolis and Other Sites

Tonfiguren und -objekte aus der Wohnstadt am Südhang der Akropolis und von weiteren Fundorten

This book focuses on 1030 terracottas from the city excavation (Stadtgrabung) in Pergamon, dating from the Hellenistic and Roman Imperial era; it also examines many older and more recent findings from other excavations in the town. The terracottas from Pergamon’s residential area show a broad variety of themes, but four religious themes predominate: the Mother of Gods, Aphrodite, Eros, and Dionysus.


"This book fulfils its aim to create a basis for discussion and future research on the coroplastic of Pergamon. It is hoped that the author will pursue his detailed studies on Pergamene terracottas with better stratified new finds."
Lâtife Summerer in: BMCR 2020.03.41

Audience: All those interested in Near Eastern archeology, architectural research, Hittitology, and archeozoology