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NERD – New Experimental Research in Design

Edited by: Michael Erlhoff and Wolfgang Jonas

New approaches in design research

Design has long expressed and established itself as an independent research competence – a fact that also companies, institutions and politicians have come to acknowledge. What is still needed, however, is a stronger public platform for design to confidently reflect upon this process and to establish and communicate the specific innovative and experimental dimension of design research. For this reason, BIRD, the Board of International Research in Design, has developed the New Experimental Research in Design / NERD format. The edited conference contributions of twelve young researchers from all over the world provide an impressive and diverse and insightful range of intelligent and inspiring approaches in design research, giving rise to further debate and action in the rapidly evolving field.

  • Inspiring approaches in design research
  • International projects

Author Information

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jonas, Braunschweig University of Art

emer. Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff, Köln International School of Design

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Audience: Designforscher, Designstudenten, Designer