Test Cover Image of:  Inscriptiones Graecae

Pars 4 Cos: Tituli varii incerti alieni insulae milesiae

Edited by: Jaime Curbera
This 4th fascicle of Volume IG XII 4.4 completes the edition of the ancient inscriptions from the island of Kos. It contains the tomb inscriptions from the Kos demes, variants, graffiti, inscriptions of unknown content, fragments, and inscriptions carried to Kos. These are followed by the inscriptions from the Milesian islands of Leros, Lepsia, and Patmos, which are presented with a separate index and, to the extent preserved, with images.


"The editors are to be congratulated on a lasting achievement. This volume, and the series whose high standards it upholds, will be fundamental to the epigraphy and history of the Graeco-Roman Aegean."Michael Zellmann-Rohrer in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2019.09.26 
Audience: Interessierte an der Antike sowie griechischen Inschriten.