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Variation in Time and Space

Observing the World through Corpora

Edited by: Anna Čermáková and Markéta Malá

Variation in Time and Space: Observing the World through Corpora is a collection of articles that address the theme of linguistic variation in English in its broadest sense. Current research in English language presented in the book explores a fascinating number of topics, whose unifying element is the corpus linguistic methodology. Part I of this volume, Meaning in Time and Space, introduces the two dimensions of variation – time and space – relating them to the negotiation of meaning in discourse and questions of intertextuality. Part II, Variation in Time, approaches the English language from a diachronic point of view; the time periods covered vary considerably, ranging from 16th century up to present-day; so do the genres explored. Part III, Variation in Space, focuses on global varieties of English and includes a contrastive point of view. The range of topics is again broad – from specific lexico-grammatical structures to the variation in academic English, combining the regional and genre dimensions of variation. This is a timely volume that shows the breadth and depth in current corpus-based research of English.

Author Information

Anna Čermáková, University of Birmingham, UK; Markéta Malá, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.

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Audience: Academics in English Studies, Corpus Linguistics, English as Second Language, Diachronic Linguistics, and Discourse Studies