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Ökonomie und Bildmedien
Economics and Visual Media: Pictures as Communicative Resources in Knowledge Production

Bilder als Ausdrucksressource zur Konstruktion von Wissen

Edited by: Eva Gredel, Iuditha Balint, Patrick Galke-Janzen, Thomas Lischeid and Markus Raith
This volume demonstrates that pictures are a central communicative resource for constructing knowledge in economics. By examining discursively structured inventories of images, media-specific relations between text and image, and domain-typical ways of processing images, the essays in this volume draw conclusions about the historical and discursive context of pictures, harnessing perspectives from linguistic, literary, and cultural studies.

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E. Gredel, U. Mannheim; I. Balint, U. Duisburg-Essen; P. Galke-Janzen, U. Freiburg; T. Lischeid, PH Weingarten; M. Raith, PH Freiburg.
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Audience: Linguistics, Literary and Cultural Studies, Discourse Analysis, Media and Communication Science, Economics