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Limina: Natur - Politik
Limina: Nature and Politics – Negotiating Boundary and Threshold Phenomena in Premodernity

Verhandlungen von Grenz- und Schwellenphänomenen in der Vormoderne

Edited by: Annika von Lüpke, Tabea Strohschneider and Oliver Bach
This conference transcript examines boundaries and boundary demarcations related to the role of "nature" in the foundation of premodern political systems. How are these boundaries constituted, how permeable are they, what objects are bounded, and through what agencies? The essays consider liminal transitions from "nature" in scenarios of beginning and ending, nature and political anthropology, and nature and law.
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Audience: Historiker (Antike, Mittelalter, Frühe Neuzeit), Literaturwissenschaftler, Kunstwissenschaftler, Philosophen, Theologen.