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Close-Range Photogrammetry and 3D Imaging

Series: De Gruyter STEM

This is the third edition of the well-known guide to close-range photogrammetry. It provides a thorough presentation of the methods, mathematics, systems and applications which comprise the subject of close-range photogrammetry, which uses accurate imaging techniques to analyse the three-dimensional shape of a wide range of manufactured and natural objects.

  • 1st edition was awarded with the Karl-Kraus-Medal as "Best International Textbook"
  • Addresses all established technological aspects and covers all significant technological developments of the last years

Author Information

Thomas Luhmann, Jade University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Stuart Robson, Stephen Kyle, and Jan Böhm, University College London, UK.

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Edition: 3rd revised and expanded edition
Audience: Practioneers, Researchers and Students in Photogrammetry, Geodesy, Engineering, Archeology, Architecture, Medicine.