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Diskurs der Daten
Data Discourse: Qualitative Approaches to a Quantitative Phenomenon

Qualitative Zugänge zu einem quantitativen Phänomen

Edited by: Pamela Steen and Frank Liedtke

The term “big data” subsumes new forms of modern communication for using and exchanging electronic data. The essays in this volume analyze the “semantic battlefields” around the theme of mass digital data, explicating the ideologies implied by the communicative appropriation of digital data. These approaches are contrasted to studies examining how digital media users actually engage with big data.

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Pamela Steen, University of Koblenz and Landau, Koblenz, Germany; Frank Liedtke, Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany.

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Audience: Scholars in the fields of (media) linguistics, discourse analysis, media and cultural studies, digital humanities