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Neurochirurgie für Einsteiger
Neurosurgery for Beginners

Edited by: Jürgen Piek

Are you ready for the start of your neurosurgery residency? This book eases the early days on the ward and in the operating room – covering everything from documentation to diagnostic testing, from the surgical instruments and OR procedures to the discharge summary. The clinical section provides detailed information about cranial, spinal, and peripheral neurosurgery. Plus: anatomy (lavishly illustrated), history, and continuing education.

> Alles Wichtige für die erste Zeit in der Neurochirurgie

> Grundlagen für die Station, die Diagnostik und den Operationssaal

> Kranielle, spinale und periphere Neurochirurgie: Krankheitsbilder und Verfahren

> Reich bebilderter Anatomieteil

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Audience: Neurochirurgen in Weiterbildung, Studenten im Praktischen Jahr in der Neurochirurgie