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Global Action on School Library Education and Training

Edited by: Barbara A. Schultz-Jones and Dianne Oberg

This book illuminates school librarian and teacher librarian education and training in light of the 2015 IFLA School Library Guidelines, second edition. The Guidelines provide a framework for effective service delivery to ensure that students and teachers have access to quality library services delivered by qualified librarians and information professionals. The book focuses on moving professional practice forward, translating the Guidelines into actions ensuring effective education and training and improved practice.

The book highlights issues and concerns related to school librarian and teacher librarian education and training. What attitudes, skills and knowledge are required to inspire students and support teaching and learning effectively? What curriculum content is required? How are field and practical experiences integrated appropriately into face-to-face and online educational and training programmes? How are leadership skills developed effectively? Case studies and innovative educational and training programmes from around the world illustrate the diverse ways of preparing librarians for the roles identified in the Guidelines. Topics covered include: delivering school librarian credentialled programmes; improving school librarian services; providing professional development; preparing and delivering educational and/or cultural programmes and services; managing human resources; collection development of digital and print resources; innovative aspects of technology use; promotion and advocacy; and evaluation and assessment.

Author Information

Barbara Schultz-Jones, University of North Texas, USA; Dianne Oberg, University of Alberta, Canada.

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Audience: Libraries, Schools, Academics