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Looking Glass

Photographic Essays on the Mechanisms of Life

Edited by: Gerald Bast, Josef Penninger, Maria Ziegelböck, Caroline Heider, Ines Méhu-Blantar and Evelyn Devuyst

Scientific research - in photographs

Art and science – both disciplines query concepts and theories, explore new contexts, and render abstract information tangible. Both are strongly motivated by creativity and the ability to visualize. Looking Glass combines the two genres in a playful manner: photography and molecular biology.

The book conveys highly complex content in an emotional-esthetic way, and thereby shines a new light on pure molecular research: groundbreaking discoveries made at the IMBA and published in prestigious media (Nature, Cell, Science and others) are transformed into unique photo galleries—visualized with applied photography—which imbue the fundamental mechanisms of life with stories.

  • Spielerisch verbunden: Kunst und Wissenschaft, Fotografie und Molekularbiologie
  • Edition Angewandte – Buchreihe der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

Author Information

Gerald Bast, Josef Martin Penninger, Maria Ziegelböck, Caroline Heider, Ines Méhu-Blantar, Evelyn Devuyst: Vienna, Austria

Audience: Fachleute und interessierte Laien in den Bereichen Kunst und Molekularbiologie