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querkraft – livin’ architecture / Architektur leben

Edited by: Franziska Leeb and Gabriele Lenz
Unconventional architecture

The 20th anniversary of the Vienna architecture office querkraft is being marked by the publication of a first monograph about its work to date. It features unconventional and poetic buildings and designs, underlain by critical questioning tasks and a pragmatism that does not contradict bold solutions.

In addition to documenting querkraft’s most important works, the book is full of anecdotes about its office history. The architects are unusually open, not only revealing the secrets behind two decades of friendly collaboration in their collective practice, but also granting insight into the professional reality of working as an architect. querkraft’s current works include the first car-free Ikea furniture store in Vienna, a residential complex in Paris, and the Museum für Konkrete Kunst in Ingolstadt.

  • Candid insights into the joys and woes of working as an architect, told as an office history full of anecdotes
  • Lateral thinking for unconventional solutions
  • Comprehensive documentation of important buildings

Author Information

Franziska Leeb, art historian and architecture journalist, Vienna

Gabriele Lenz, designer, New Design University St. Pölten

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Audience: Architekten, an Kunst interessierte Fachleute