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Kunstmarkt und Kunstbetrieb in Rom (1750–1850)
The Art Market and Art Business in Rome (1750–1850): Players and Places

Akteure und Handlungsorte

Edited by: Hannelore Putz and Andrea Fronhöfer

Between 1750 and 1850, Rome represented a unique crystallization point for the European art market. These conference proceedings examine key players and places and the diverse manifestations of the Roman art market. Discussed topics include local processes of exchange and creative appropriation, negotiations about price and value, and the influence of artists and buyers on the production and reception of visual artworks.

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Hannelore Putz, Munich University (LMU), Germany; Andrea Fronhöfer, Oberhausmuseum Passau, Germany.
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Audience: Historians, Art Historians, Museologists