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Nähe auf Distanz

Eigendynamik und mobilisierende Kraft politischer Bilder im Internet

Edited by: Isabelle Busch, Uwe Fleckner and Judith Waldmann

The Nähe auf Distanz (Proximity at a Distance) project examines the semantic change of photographs and videos in the age of the internet. The contributions are dedicated to examples of selfie protests, images of the Arab Spring, of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, of the Gezi Park protests, of the Syrian war, and the image politics of the "Islamic State." The project critically analyzes their potential, even across great distances, to exert and emotional and communicative impact, and to trigger political actions. The concept of image reflected here is based on digital transmission; it is marked by the permanent modifications of images through data transfers and postproduction.

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Isabelle Busch, Uwe Fleckner and Judith Waldmann, Warburg-Haus, Hamburg
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Audience: Kunsthistoriker, Historiker, Medienwissenschaftler, Politikwissenschaftler