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Responsibility for Refugee and Migrant Integration

Edited by: S. Karly Kehoe, Eva Alisic, and Jan-Christoph Heilinger

This volume brings together a range of practical and theoretical perspectives on responsibility in the context of refugee and migrant integration. Addressing one of the major challenges of our time, a diverse group of authors shares insights from history, philosophy, psychology, cultural studies, and from personal experience. The book expands our understanding of the complex challenges and opportunities that are associated with migration and integration, and highlights the important role that individuals can and should play in the process.

Interview with the authors: https://youtu.be/HDkaN_PBBF8

Author Information

S. Karly Kehoe, Saint Mary’s University, Canada; E. Alisic, University of Melbourne, Australia; J.-C. Heilinger, LMU Munich, Germany.

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Audience: Academics (social sciences & humanities); policy makers/government; the general educated public