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The Locus of Meaning in Medieval Art

Iconography, Iconology, and Interpreting the Visual Imagery of the Middle Ages

Edited by: Lena Eva Liepe

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This book addresses the status and relevance of iconography and iconology in the contemporary scholarly study of medieval art. There is a widespread tendency among art historians today to regard the study of iconography and iconology in the tradition of Erwin Panofsky as an outmoded and trivial pursuit. Nonetheless, Panofsky’s three-level interpretative model sits firmly in the methodological toolkit of art history and remains a common point of reference among adherents and adversaries alike. Iconography and iconology demand to be taken seriously as a feature of continued praxis in the discipline. The book contains a collection of essays on the validity of various approaches toward the interpretation of meaning in medieval art today. These essays either demonstrate the continued usefulness of iconography and iconology as analytical strategies, or propose alternative approaches to the investigation of meaning in the art of the Middle Ages.

Author Information

Lena Eva Liepe, University of Oslo, Norway.
Audience: Art historians, Medievalists