Test Cover Image of:  Early Modern Britain’s Relationship to Its Past

Early Modern Britain’s Relationship to Its Past

The Historiographical Fortunes of the Legends of Brute, Albina, and Scota

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This volume considers the reception in the early modern period of four popular medieval myths of nationhood – the legends of Brutus, Albina, Scota and Arthur – tracing their intertwined literary and historiographical afterlives. The book thus speaks to several connected areas and is timely on a number of fronts: its dialogue with current investigations into early modern historiography and the period’s relationship to its past, its engagement with pressing issues in identity and gender studies, and its analysis of the formation of British national origin stories at a time when modern Britain is seriously considering its own future as a nation.

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Philip Mark Robinson-Self, University of York, UK.
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Audience: scholars of literary studies, historians