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Quantum Electrodynamics of Photosynthesis

Mathematical Description of Light, Life and Matter

Series: De Gruyter STEM

This book uses an array of different approaches to describe photosynthesis, ranging from the subjectivity of human perception to the mathematical rigour of quantum electrodynamics. This interdisciplinary work draws from fields as diverse as astronomy, agriculture, classical and quantum optics, and biology in order to explain the working principles of photosynthesis in plants and cyanobacteria.

  • Uses phenomena from daily life to explain quantum optics and quantum electrodynamics.
  • Based on practical applications.
  • Ideal for those student who believe they don't understand quantum mechanics.

Author Information

Artur Braun, EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology), Dübendorf, Switzerland.
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Audience: Graduate students (cross-disciplinary)