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Inert Gas Technology: Working with Protective Gas in the Chemistry Laboratory

Arbeiten unter Schutzgas in der Chemie

Inert gas technology is essential for the safe handling of catalysts and air-sensitive intermediate products, and in the synthesis of organometallic compounds. The book covers the principles of using the Schlenk line for setting up and working in an inert gas unit in the laboratory, working with a glovebox, and vacuum technology. In addition, it includes process specifications for example products and technical drawings of glass equipment.

  • Grundlagen der Schlenktechnik, Aufbau und Arbeit an einer Inertgasanlage, Glovebox und Vakuumtechnik
  • Arbeitsvorschriften für Beispielpräparate und technische Zeichnungen von Glasgeräten
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Audience: Studenten und Doktoranden der Chemie und Materialwissenschaften