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Spirituelle Erfahrung in philosophischer Perspektive

Edited by: Eckhard Frick and Lydia Maidl

Many people are looking for authentic and truthful spiritual experiences. In doing so, they might cross confessional and religious boundaries in order to come to the personal, existential interior of religion. In an interdisciplinary exchange between spiritual care and philosophy, this work examines the spiritual turn and explores the spiritual search and its relevance for everyday life.

This work examines this spiritual turn in an interdisciplinary exchange between spiritual care and philosophy. The focus is on describing spiritual experiences from philosophical perspectives and the presence and relevance of spirituality in everyday life.

These reflections on spirituality address the connections between self-knowledge and self-transcendence. Together with spirituality, they touch on ethics, the recognition of boundaries, the willingness to cross borders, and spirituality as an element of the physical experience of health and disease.

This discourse opens up a therapeutic horizon - especially when the question of meaning arises in life crises. It can provide stimuli for developing spiritual care in science, in practice, and in the context of health services.

  • Reflections on spirituality from theological, therapeutic, and philosophical perspectives
  • A trans-religious approach, open to atheistic concepts of meaning
  • Applicable in medicine, psychotherapy, nursing, social work, and pastoral care

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Eckhard Frick and Lydia Maidl, Hochschule für Philosophie, München

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Audience: Health services, spiritual care, theology, philosophy, religious studies, sociology