Test Cover Image of:  Nanomaterials for Water Remediation

Nanomaterials for Water Remediation

Edited by: Ajay Kumar Mishra, Chaudhery M. Hussain and Shivani B. Mishra
The capability to generate potable water from polluted sources is growing in importance as pharmaceuticals, microplastics and waste permeate our soil. Nanotechnology allows for improvements in water remediation technologies by taking advantage of the unique properties of materials at this small scale.
Discusses carbon-based nanomaterials such as electrospun fibers, nanocellulose and nanochitin, dendrimers, mesoporous materials for use in water remediation.

Author Information

Ajay Kumar Mishra, University of South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Audience: Researchers of materials science, environmental science, chemistry and industrial chemistry.