Test Cover Image of:  Migration und Baukultur

Migration und Baukultur

Transformation des Bauens durch individuelle und kollektive Einwanderung

Edited by: Heiderose Kilper

Ever since antiquity, migration has driven change to the art and techniques of building. Triggers can be war, political repression, voluntary decisions, or economic pressure. Time and again, processes of cultural colonisation, transformation and repression affect a society and its building culture, highlighting stability or the ability to change. This publication features contributions from the fields of archeology, the history of construction and construction technology, cultural heritage preservation, art history, and the history of architecture. Case studies across epochs highlight mechanisms leading to transformations in building as a result of individual and collective immigration.

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Audience: Architekturhistoriker, Historiker, Kunstwissenschaftler, Archäologen, Denkmalpfleger