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Hymnus, Sequenz, Antiphon
Hymn, Sequence, and Antiphon: Case Studies on the Vernacular Adoption of Liturgical Songs in the German Middle Ages

Fallstudien zur volkssprachlichen Aneignung liturgischer Lieder im deutschen Mittelalter

Edited by: Andreas Kraß and Christina Ostermann

The volume assembles case studies on the vernacular adaptation of Latin hymns, sequences, and antiphons in the German Middle Ages. Through selected examples, it investigates the forms and purposes for which liturgical songs were transferred into the German vernacular, especially during the late Middle Ages. The authors include translations by prominent hymnwriters as well as anonymous creations developed in the monastic milieu.

Author Information

Andreas Kraß and Christina Ostermann, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany.

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Audience: Germanists, medievalists, theologians, musicologists, codicologists