Test Cover Image of:  Paranormal Encounters in Iceland 1150–1400

Paranormal Encounters in Iceland 1150–1400

Edited by: Ármann Jakobsson and Miriam Mayburd

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This anthology of international scholarship offers new critical approaches to the study of the many manifestations of the paranormal in the Middle Ages. The guiding principle of the collection is to depart from symbolic or reductionist readings of the subject matter in favor of focusing on the paranormal as human experience and, essentially, on how these experiences are defined by the sources. The authors work with a variety of medieval Icelandic textual sources, including family sagas, legendary sagas, romances, poetry, hagiography and miracles, exploring the diversity of paranormal activity in the medieval North. This volume questions all previous definitions of the subject matter, most decisively the idea of saga realism, and opens up new avenues in saga research.

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Ármann Jakobsson and Miriam Mayburd, University of Iceland, Reykjavík.
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Audience: Medievalists, Scholars of Historical Studies and Icelandic Literature