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Research Culture in Architecture

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Interdisciplinary research results

Research in and on architecture is as complex as the discipline itself with its different specialist fields, and therefore the results often remain unconnected.

Research Culture in Architecture combines digital and analog research issues and demonstrates how important cross-disciplinary cooperation in architecture is today. The complexity and increasing specialization are elaborated on in the various chapters and then linked to the core of architecture, i.e. design.

Scientists from the theoretical and practical fields present research results in the following subjects: "design methodology", "architectural space, perception, and the human body", "analog and digital timber construction", "visualization", "robotics", "architectural practice and research", and "sustainability".

  • Research in architecture in the context of academia and in practice
  • Digital and analog approaches to research
  • Cross-disciplinary cooperation in architecture

Author Information

Cornelie Loeopold, Christopher Robeller, Ulrike Weber

Department of Architecture, Technical University Kaiserslautern

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