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Politische Strategien der Provokation und Indienstnahme von Affekten
Kritische Perspektiven auf den Wandel von Gebären und Geburtshilfe
Series: Gender Studies
Wie die Uckermark zu einem Raum des guten Lebens wird
Contemporary Criticism, Curation and Practice


Nowadays the media and investigative journalists take full responsibility for revealing and reporting many irregularities and notifying them to the public via common media. This is very important because the financial losses of investors due to the bankruptcies of the pyramids are significant. This weakens the public confidence in public administration responsible for law in the state. The authors of this article mainly say about responsible unmasking of illegal financial pyramids through the media in the context of social communication. The article provides clear recommendations for the media how to distinguish between a pyramid scheme and MLM. Such recommendations could increase the practical significance of the author’s research for the readers and protect them from illegal investments.

Intersektionale Perspektiven auf Bildungs- und Subjektivierungsprozesse
Series: Gender Studies
Resilienz-Strategien im ökologischen Landbau
Umrisse einer soziologischen Anthropologie
Series: Sozialtheorie
Arbeiten am Selbst in Psychotherapie, Beratung und Coaching


The development trend of online journalism in Kosovo continues with great strides in relation to newspaper journalism. Some newspapers are continuing to survive and still on market despite the decline of readers as part of a worldwide trend of readers moving to online platforms. This study will analyze the content of journalistic texts in newspapers and online media, measuring their core values. This study is about the transformation, namely the change of journalism standards from traditional media (newspapers) to online media. Journalism theorists argue that the standards of journalism should be the same in newspapers and online media. But the practice in Kosovo is completely different. The main hypothesis of this study is that professional standards in online journalism in Kosovo have fallen; in newspaper journalism, however, there is still a high level of professionalism in writing and reporting. To test these two hypotheses, texts from two newspapers and two online media shall be analyzed. Therefore, the analysis will be done on texts from “Zëri” and “Koha Ditore” newspapers, and their online versions, “zë” and “”.