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The study aims at defining communication relations between a project team, a project manager and a wider project environment within a public institution. Individual in-depth interviews were chosen as the research method. On the basis of the collected material, five main issues related to the communication processes in the studied project were specified: a hierarchical structure, professional dependence, understanding of one’s mutual duties, relations between members of the project team and communication with the steering committee. On the basis of the findings, a scheme of project management in the studied public institution was identified. Communication and organizational weaknesses have been indicated, which may be eliminated or may not occur if they are spotted early on.

Vol. 1 - Differentiation, Inclusion, Responsiveness
Bildungsprozesse Studierender und Lehrender im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung
Series: Pädagogik
Empirie und Epistemologie der reflexiven Selbstverwissenschaftlichung
Series: Science Studies
Das Dokumentarische der Gegenwart
Instrumente lokaler, regionaler und nationaler Sinnstiftung
Friedrich Meinecke: Champion of German Historicism
Zur Pluralität gelebter Realitäten
Perspektiven der Kritik an akademischer Wissensproduktion


Businesses and organizations are turning to fast feedback devices that measure consumer satisfaction. These standalone devices often have four or five different smiley-face buttons that can quickly gauge consumer sentiment. These devices are becoming popular due to the short time commitment needed to provide feedback.

This instructor has piloted the use of a smiley-face survey tool that is used at the end of each class session. Initial results suggest the role of the instructor may play a lesser role in student happiness for a given class. External factors, such as outside event or incoming GPA, appear to have a larger effect on class satisfaction. Data from classes and sample email exchanges will be presented. This type of fast feedback system has many potential benefits and low startup costs.

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