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Materials Physics, Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
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Efficient Processes for Functional Materials
Physics and Chemistry of Batteries


The optimal size and location of the compensator in the distribution system play a significant role in minimizing the energy loss and the cost of reactive power compensation. This article introduces an efficient heuristic-based approach to assign static shunt capacitors along radial distribution networks using multi-objective optimization method. A new objective function different from literature is adapted to enhance the overall system voltage stability index, minimize power loss, and to achieve maximum net yearly savings. However, the capacitor sizes are assumed as discrete known variables, which are to be placed on the buses such that it reduces the losses of the distribution system to a minimum. Load sensitive factor (LSF) has been used to predict the most effective buses as the best place for installing compensator devices. IEEE 34-bus and 118-bus test distribution systems are utilized to validate and demonstrate the applicability of the proposed method. The simulation results obtained are compared with previous methods reported in the literature and found to be encouraging.