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, Bootleg, Dancing Bob, Grace, GunPowder, Firemonk, Foxsicle, Blaine, John, Cafune, Devon, Peter, Chenoya, Tynacity, Chef Dave, Golden Rose, Megan Miller, Megs Rutigliano, Steven Raspa, Josh Lease, Molly Rose, Stuart Mangrum, Caveat Magister, and all the folks in the French Quarter Vil- lage, Comfy Cozy Voodoo Lounge, Savage Island, Camp Mystic, and Anahasana Village, and many others for showing me the variety of amaz- ing ways to Burn, the meaning of chosen family, and how to be builders and bakers, movers and shakers. Thank you all. Lastly, this book has demanded

disappear in pragmatic compromises in the everyday lives of most religious people, but they stand in the center of fundamentalist thought and are subject to continual actualization and dramatization. The effects of this dramatized Manichaeism are evident primarily in the 62 Protestant Fundamentalism representation of the enemy, in the self-perception of the movement, and in the categorical perception of society's crisis. The enemies of Protestant fundamentalism, whether liberal theolo- gians or German beer brewers, proponents of the Social Gospel or bootleggers

turbaned” and stripped my head of the turban. They all laughed but seemed relieved at my having called to the fore the questionable politics of the Tea and Turbans experience. Later, sitting in front of the bakery during a community meal, I spoke with Kevin, one of our Chinese American campers, who mentioned that ini- tially he had been eating his meal on the steps of the Appropriated Dragon before he had become viscerally aware of the fraught optics of 6. Author portrait taken during a Tea and Turbans tea ceremony, Burning Man, 2017 (photo by Bootleg