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, 228, 229- 230, 231-232; and plan for monar- chy, 151-153, 166-167 Bomboná, battle of, 18 Bonaparte, Napoleon, 11, 27 Bootlegging, 134 Bordeaux (city), 215, 218, 226 Boundary problems, 41-42, 51-55, 105-106, 123-124; with New Gra- nada, 41-42, 51-55, 105-106, 123- 124, 148-150, 231; with Peru, 41, 55, 123, 150-156, 231, 250-255 Brazil, 2, 27, 51, 193, 230, 231, 259 Briceño Méndez, General Pedro, 25 Buchanan, James, 235 Buenaga, Colonel Senén de, 215, 216, 218-219, 226 Buenaventura, 52 Buenos Aires, 41 Bustamante, Manuel, 211 Cabildo abierto, 34

or vice. The new Haute Pègre, as Hauteclocque called it, constituted a vast network of international evil. Bootleggers and gangsters in America, C O N C L U S I O N "Underworld Columns" in Germany, master-thieves in England, the criminal milieux of Paris and Marsei l le—for Hauteclocque all were part of a global organization. This world-confederation of criminality, he emphasized, lived according to its own rules, recognized no national boundaries, and, thanks to the technological developments of wireless radio transmission and airplane travel, was in

changed in my life by the two-month mark, I didn’t give up, but I began to worry that the hypnotic messages might have been equipped with a special safeguard—an encoded message telling those who had bootlegged the tapes that they would always be losers and amount to nothing. It seemed that nothing and no one could rescue me from my social predicament, not even Jerome. He came to visit our family the fall after I had started Stuyvesant, motoring around in an electric wheelchair that he directed with one of his hands.White plastic braces covered both his wrists, so I

in Honky

Society), 166 Blum, M., 72 boatmen's associations, 1 0 - 1 3 boatswain (duoshou), 1 1 - 1 2 "bootlegging," 222 Brenan, J.F., 12,8 Buchalter, Lepke, 213 Cai Jingjun, 203 Cai Yuanpei, 153 Cai Zengji, 208 Capone, Al, 221-22 CC Clique: Du's alliance with, 189; functions of, 163-68; as state corporatism foundation, 169 Chamber of Commerce Law (1929), 161 Chang Chunheng, 37 Chang Yuqing, 15 1 Chang Zhiying, 59 Chaozhou Clique (Chao Bang): Big Company protection of, 60-63; Big Eight Mob relations with, 49- 50; operations moved by, 57; opium businesses of

. Shortly thereafter, bootleggers made use of the abandoned Tobin and Point San Pedro tunnels for storage of their contraband liquor. In the late 1930s, when travel by automobiles be- came popular, work began along the old right-of-way on a scenic coastal highway. A route more scenic (provided the fog lifts) and more landslide prone 31 th e r e s id e n tia l c o a s t could not have been chosen. Named variously State Route 1, the Coast Highway, and the Cabrillo High- way, the stretch from Thornton State Beach at the end of John Daly Boulevard to just past Mussel

, 169, 174 Grokster, 197, 205 Groove-script alphabet, 115 GYBO (Get Your Bootleg On), 170– 71, 172–73 Hall, Marie, 107 “Hardcore Scratching” (I.Emerge), 137–40 Harnoncourt, Nikolaus, 27 Harris, Roy: Four Minutes–20 Seconds, 39–40 Hauck, Werner, 100, Heifetz, Jascha, 2, 25, 26, 30, 38, 48, 99, 104, 107 Hendrix, Jimi, 32; “Crosstown Traf- fic,” 50; “Hey Joe,” 232n93; “Killing Floor,” 232n93 Heterogeneous sound ideal, 162 “Hey Joe” (Jimi Hendrix), 232n93 High Fidelity (Nick Hornby), 14–15 Hindemith, Paul, 40, 109–13, 115, 119–23; Gesang über 4 Ocktaven, 110, 111, 122

). There is only politics here, nothing else’ ” (2011: 79). 9. Pūrı̄ is a fried bread often served at celebratory occasions including politi- cal rallies. 10. This sentiment was not unique to the slum. A middle-class friend also told me that taking any public action was dangerous because it threatened the pow- ers that be. 11. Other stories came up during my fieldwork that indicated how wide this police-pradha-n nexus was. In 2009, police shielded illegal bootleggers whose bad liquor was responsible for the deaths of fourteen residents in one Delhi slum. During my

relatives. We are worshiping God and Jesus, the same God that the white people worship.” That said, the great majority of attendees saw nothing, and the meeting was as orderly as any religious meeting he had ever attended. La Flesche’s investment in peyotism was rooted in the fact that his own people had been devastated by bootleggers and whisky, a problem that he believed had abated with the adoption of the peyote religion. “Practically all of those of my people who have adopted the peyote religion do not drink. . . . I have a respect for the peyote religion

the domestic sphere into small moonshine and bootlegging operations. Women brothel owners increased profits by complementing the sale of sex with the sale of alcohol, as the clients and workers were already in a position of trust and secrecy in their exchange. The narrative that organized crime controlled all of the alcohol poured in Chicago ignores the profitable opportunities for domestic labor that Prohibition provided to poor, working-class, and immigrant women and families. The scale of production and distribution was much smaller, but women

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